Urban Apartment Located in Taipei City by Create + Think Design Studio

Playful contemporary ambiance with a dash of whimsy. The architects from Create + Think Design Studio called their project for this urban apartment located in Taipei City, Taiwan the One to Three space because thanks to original layout arrangement three distinctive living premises are outlined.

Living zone for relaxation, privet slipping quarters and kitchen premise with modern wine cellar. Like the other projects of the architects, space offers contemporary functionality and young, playful spirit enhanced by luxurious materials palette and trendy furniture and fittings arrangement. Polished concrete floors and ceiling (with strong urban signature) alternate with stainless steel framed glass partitions and clever wooden cabinetry and accessories that provide the individual character of the long rectangular space. The wooden cabinetry and wall cladding host a cleverly arranged space for the technical additions of the home: TV, Music, books; and thanks to its custom made craftsmanship adds elegant bespoke atmosphere.

The living zone with its large panoramic windows offers a dynamic city life ambiance with whimsical décor elements and art pieces combined with warm and welcoming furniture and trendy design pieces. The soft burgundy sofa brings a dash of intense, bold coloring and balances the smooth lines of the vast open space and the contemporary minimalist arrangement of the layout. Behind a sliding glass doors privet, music and reading area is secured. The kitchen zone is furnished with pristine and modern culinary fittings juxtaposed by the warm presence of the oval kitchen table made from solid wood and the wine cellar containing the owner’s immaculate wine collection. The sleeping area also has its strong individual presence – furnished with solid wood bed separated by a glass partition from the bathroom where rugged masonry counter and the Roman X desk legs create an aura of Tuscan villa.  Photography by Figure x Lee Kuo-Min Studio

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