Ultra Luxury Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro

Strongly influenced and in a way defined by Brazilian culture and natural giving this ultra-luxury penthouse located at the heights of Rio de Janeiro has some truly astonishing features. Offering all extras necessary in terms of architecture and design the project of Studio Arthur Casas adds to its graces the benefit of breathtaking views. The architects had consciously, and we may add, quite cleverly open the penthouse floors to both sides with spectacular windows and terraces. Situated between mountain and sea the penthouse becomes naturally connected with the surroundings. Clever architectural solutions like fully sliding glass doors, skylights, secure unobstructed float between in and out, living quarters and balconies, natural breeze and sunlight that bounce up from the bright damasks of the interior.

The three-floor interior is designed in stylish white, with delicate framing of natural beige, brown and black and in fresh juxtaposition of wood, glass, linen and other natural materials throughout the space. The clear elegance of the furnishing is spiced up with several contemporary artworks and local pieces of craftsmanship. The Brazilian style thread is all around the spaces, and there are a lot of spaces – three-floors with many bedrooms – masters, guest, staff. Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, living areas, roof garden. A rich collection of modern Brazilian designers composes this interior; names such as Sérgio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, Ricardo Fasanello and Jean Gillon give substance to the great architectural space.

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