Sunny Open Space

Oasis of serenity, clear elegance and contemporary shapes in the dynamic city of London. This project, a creation of Scenario Architects, is capturing our attention with its clear emanation, full with natural daylight, its unique smooth shapes and curves and with the dynamic utilization of the challenging steep and narrow plot. The owners needed a sunny open space where the family can interact and enjoy their time together, so the designers cleverly provided this and much more. The contemporary and elegant shapes of the premises are underlined by the stylish material palette and the serenity of the colors adorning the premises.

The warm wooden cladding dialogs elegantly with the whiteness of the color base and the unostentatious and fresh furnishing. Soft textiles and surfaces alternate with the simplicity of good quality materials, the fresh green elements, and living plants bring vitality into the home, and the interesting architectural solutions, like unusual windows, skylights, and openings or the welcoming smoothly curved niches add an intriguing twist to the calm character of the house. The roof terrace decided in natural wooden cladding and furniture makes the connection between the surrounding nature and the coziness of home and provides a privet space for the owners to enjoy the sunny weather.   Photographs: Matt Clayton

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