Landscapes by Ad van Riel

Ad van Riel is a Dutch painter whose art impress and grabs. Imaginary landscapes create new worlds of shapes and colors. Grab the viewer and change his mood. You will fell in love in endless green meadows, and red fields bring a sense of loneliness, and the pink shade of the trees bear the feeling of a hot summer night.

In an interview for Saatchi Art  he talks: “The theme I follow now is my “Paradises of paint,” the landscapes of my imagination. In the paint itself, all kind of figures and forms reveal themselves. I wipe them out or let them stay. I started it in 2005 as a sidetrack with another theme: “Images of ordination and survey.”The way of working is practically the same. In all the years of being an artist, there has always been that need of creating a world of my own. “

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