KAP House – Modern Tropical Living by ONG&ONG

This contemporary project of ONG&ONG Pte Ltd has its creation roots as a paradigm of a modern tropical living. With its clear-lined simplicity and minimalist approach towards furnishing the architects live to the expressive volumes and the materials selection to speak for themselves.

Based on the Japanese design principle of Shakkei, or borrowed view the house layout and architectural and design arrangement is intriguing a represents a modern take on tropical design that is worth exploring. Fallowing the principals of cross-ventilation, wind and sun orientation towards the premises the architects had composed a series of rectilinear volumes placed in interlocking juxtapositions open towards carefully selected views and greenery elements.

Carefully attuned to the environment the KAP-House project is capturing not only the marvelous natural views of its surrounding, but its design follows the green corridor layout designed to emphasize the “borrowed view“ paradigm. Selection of precious natural materials composes the housing shell – timber, gray zircon wood strip, and champagne limestone cladding compose the facade, glass, timber, and concrete entwine to create the light clear-lined shell of this modern home.

The interior arrangement is minimalist, elegant and with noble Asian simplicity. The dominions of natural hues – withe, wood and gray create a mild welcoming ambiance that is vitalized by the lush green of the surrounding life. Fashionable and inventive furniture secure the comfort of the inhabitants offering here and there an eye-catching design (check the bed stand in the master bedroom or the comfy bold red chairs in the yard). Clever architectural insertions like the infinity pool( that goes one floor below to create aquarium like view) or the surrounding water changes, along with the vast windows that offer not only a magnificent views but also a clever place to sit and relaxes, make the character of this house not only modern and unique but also very welcoming and unforgettable.

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