Elegant Fusion of Styles – Home Renovation in Australia

Renovation that will bring light and elegant fusion of styles – traditional, for this part of Australia, Victorian architecture gently modernized by some refined industrial trends – that was the goal for this inner – urban project, cleverly accomplished by Carr Architecture.

Intelligent design adopts the preexisting layout (long continues a space that haves – living room, kitchen and dining area) and using robust lines and materials with strong characteristics, turns it into architectural delight with elegant aesthetic.  Steel framed windows, dark timber and Calcutta marble provide excellent austere stage for the owner’s contemporary collection. The natural light abundantly floating trough spacious windows and roof glasses reflects marvelously from the precious surfaces and becomes an essential part of the interior. The semi-industrial aesthetic and dark surfaces are softened by the present of natural elements and unrestricted garden presents. Combining stylish elegance, simplicity of shapes and colors with few bold and modernistic ornaments the designers achieve memorable outcome for this limited space.

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