Eco-friendly House with Exposed Concrete Panels

Taking maximum advantage of the natural surroundings and paying tribute to the eco-friendly lifestyle and newest sustainable materials this Long Beach house is a real crown jewel for the sea-city community and the house architects from the New York City based studio – West Chin Architects. This award winning house is the first in the United States to use an environmentally friendly and structurally dynamic BBS wood panels from Austria, in addition to this eco – consciousness the house is equipped with solar panels on the roof and garden plants from the local flora. But the BBS panels are not only great isolation and reduce the normal amount of wood used in similar buildings, but also acts as an interior balancing element that brings warm presents in the facade dominated by glass and exposed concrete panels.

Some interesting architectural solutions bring individuality and dynamic character to the house interior. For instance, the breathtaking view towards the beach and ocean on the second level of the house is seen through a custom-made garage door, which is remotely operable so to allow unobstructed access to the sea breeze. Another strong artistic suggestion and clever architectural solution is the exposed concrete wall, which instead of being disguised or hidden, is used as an exhibition panel for installation of fragile blue butterflies, hence turn into a contemporary piece of art. This is a project of a sea house with strong individuality and artistic presence determined by its vital colors and textures, the unique contemporary furnishing with its unusual shapes, a high quality materials and the modernistic art, which adorns the premise.

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