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Six small rugs from many countries. This means six different ways of understanding the carpet, both material and formal. The six modules can be combined to form a wider and absolutely cosmopolitan element. The modules are hand-made in China, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Tibet. source

Twilight Canopy

Abstract, colorful acrylic painting by Jeremy Rabus. Paintings are an optical art form. A vast array of colors, and their infinite combinations generate visual effects which relate to the eye’s experience of the world. via

Amazing Art by Nikos Gyftakis

These Self-Portraits are energetic paintings by Nikos Gyftakis. Using vibrant colors and swirling brush strokes, the Greek artist blends curves and circular lines together to form each oil painting. From a distance, eyes and faces stare out at the viewer. Upon closer inspection, each face transforms into an abstract blur of patterns and textures. Gyftakis…

Innovative Leather Coverings by Lapelle at ICFF New York

The Lapelle innovative leather coverings collections represent an absolute novelty in the market for technology and ease of installation obtained through an exclusive patented system that allows you to install, remove and replace each leather tile easily and without structural work. Italian company Lapelle Design will present to the next ICFF New York -May 16th…

Concrete Kitchen at Cologne Furniture Fair

“Concrete” is a kitchen with sophisticated, minimalist design – inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Concrete will be exhibited at the Cologne Furniture Fair Living Kitchen 2015. Project Description: “Marble of the modern era” such is the description given to the building material, concrete. Today this modern building materials increasingly found within the interior of sophisticated,…

Distressed Wood Figures by Aron Demetz

Italian sculptor Aaron Demetz will have several new figurative sculptures on view at Gazelli Art House in London starting March 28, 2013 as part of the show The Tainted with Korean sculptor Shan Hur. The new works continue to explore Demetz exploration of the human figure and show his incredible skill in carving wood.

Red by Luciano de Liberato

Luciano de Liberato is an Italian painter and great colourists. In 2012, one of his works – Red – 2003 was chosen as an image of the Lincoln Center Festival in New York, which gave to his work global renown. In his work, you will see a wonderful abstract composition, brilliant color and a visionary.…

Cloud Interactive Installation

Cloud is a large scale interactive installation by artist Caitlind r.c. Brown that appeared September 15th as part of Nuit Blanche Calgary in Alberta, Canada. The piece is made from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains and an additional 5,000 made from donated burnt out lights donated by the public. via