Category: Interior Textiles

Fabric Design by Jean Paul Gaultier

Haute couture and interior design have come together, and creative teams of Lelièvre and Jean Paul Gaultier successfully transposed the universe of the designer into interior decoration. This Jean Paul Gaultier Collection par Lelièvre plays with an evolving creativity and signature codes. Eight textile creations explore soft, bright or tonic tones according to the seasons.…

Self-Structured Textile

This is a textile design combining wool- and thermoplastic yarns witch makes the fabric booth stiff as a composite and soft at the same time. To show possible usage of the fabric  SHE Design Studio have designed two seating objects, a lounge chair and a pouf. The lounge chair illustrates the horizontal usage while the…

Bunad Blankets

Oslo designer Andreas Engesvik has created a series of blankets inspired by the textiles of Norwegian folk costumes. Bunader are traditional costumes with roots in rural clothes from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and Andreas Engesvik worked with Norwegian manufacturer Mandal Veveri to make the wool Bunad Blankets.

Wooden Mesh

Italian industrial designer Diego Vencato has created a collection of wooden textiles. The fabrics, called Wooden Mesh, were designed to transform wood into a soft and flexible material that behaves more like cloth. Thin pieces of wood were cut into small shapes and applied evenly onto a felt backing.

Decorative Lighting

Northern Irish artist and designer Rachel O’Neill works at the interface between art and design using a variety of tactile materials to create wonderfully playful one-off installations and limited edition pieces for corporate and private interiors and special events.  Taking much of her inspiration from the magnificent sea- and landscapes of her native Ireland, Rachel…

June Armchair

‘June’ armchair is a summery, generous armchair for indoor and outdoor use. The skeleton of metal holds a textile covering, making the most of the materials and showing off the textile at it’s best, like a red carpet dress! Sponsored by Kvadrat.

Contemporary and Sculptural Furniture

Project can be seen as an experimental review of classic furniture upholstery. It reminds us of the famous and iconic deep buttoned Chesterfield sofa’s, interpreted in a highly contemporary and sculptural way. Instead of upholstering springs and foam with leather or textile, these pieces are created by carefully composing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres…