Category: Interior Flooring

Wall Covering Focused on Forms and Textures

Natucer‘s new collections of floor and wall coverings focused on forms, effects of textures and details, where the value of creativity and technological innovation create unique products. Creation collection is a series of tiles that offer many compositional possibilities thanks to its rectangular and hexagonal formats, volumes and micro-textures that create subtle sets of proportions and…

Floors of Tiles Rug

STUA has launched a couple of designs of rugs, created by Javier Guerrero. This design makes homage to the floors of tiles, of broken tiles, maybe from Portugal, maybe from the south of Spain.  But making it now more soft, with the wool as material.

Hexagonal Floor Tiles by Equipe Ceramica

Hexatile collection of wall and floor porcelain tile can magically change the decor of your home. Jast think about of patchwork patterns and shapes – the combinations are endless. You can see Hexatile Matte collection by Equipe Ceramica and many interior concepts with hexagonal floors tiles, they have made.

Plumen 003 LED Light Bulb

The patented Plumen 003 light bulb is designed to provide two functions at once: a downwards spotlight and a golden ambient glow. Taking five years in the making, the 003 lighting design brilliantly illuminates the room while the gold element makes you and your surroundings even more beautiful. Its LEDs ensure that tasks underneath, whether…

Fragment Rug

Fragment is a rug with torn edges and a fading pattern like a wall in decay. The certain fascination we feel with a ruin of a castle or fragmentary pieces of historic objects is nourished from the imaginative space opened to our inner eye. Our fantasy can wander and drift away into stories from times…