Category: Interior Decorating

Bright and Spacious Restaurant by Designphase DBA

Giving new style and warm welcoming sensation to this flagship dining establishment the designers from DBA turn the Element cafe into glamorous and contemporary place for refined dining experience. The restaurant is visually connected with the lobby of the Singapore’s Amara Hotel and has a strong emphasis on stylish “elements” which are characteristic for the…

White Rhapsody Whit a Hint of Bohemian Sophistication

White rhapsody whit a hint of bohemian sophistication, this renovated Victorian house in Australia enchants whit its elegance and fresh, artistic ambiance. The house has small secluded garden that refreshes the living arias panorama whit its green presents. The furnishing throughout the house is combination of classic comfort and contemporary art with clear lines. The…

Latitude Light

Latitude allows you to position light where you want it. Indirect up-lighting, down-lighting, spotlighting – any angle is possible. The suspension cable mounts anywhere on the wire structure, creating a flexible light that activates the surrounding space.